Is Being Towed Bad For Your Car?

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October 13, 2020
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Is Being Towed Bad For Your Car?

If you are stuck on the side of the road, the tow truck may seem like a lifesaver. And it may be, but towing can cause damage to your vehicle. It is a rare occurrence and mostly happens when you use a non-reputable towing company. Pick 1st Class Transport to avoid any problems. It’s not something that many people think about.

If you are getting your car towed that means that something has already happened to it. Either the battery is dead, you have a flat tire, or a host of other problems. If this happens, damage happening to your car while being towed may never cross your mind.

With towing, certain precautions need to be taken, or damage is imminent. There is certain cosmetic damage that can happen because the car is being hooked to a tow truck. Your vehicle could be scratched, dented, or it may experience damage to the tires.

If you need to have your car towed, take an inventory of any damage that is already there. If you can take pictures. This way if they damage your car during the tow, you will have evidence of what was already there and what wasn’t.

Towing can also cause damage to the transmission and other mechanical problems. A reputable towing company knows this, but it is good for you to know it too.

If a car has an automatic transmission, it should only be towed while in neutral. If it is not placed in neutral before towing there will be damage. Usually, the driver will ask you to put it in neutral, if they don’t you should do it, anyway. If the vehicle stays in park and the wheels are on the ground damage can be done to the tires because they can’t turn as the car is moving.

The transmission can be damaged even if the car is in neutral. With the wheels on the ground, the transmission is still engaged. This can cause it to overheat because there is no way to cool it down as the car is in continuous motion. This doesn’t happen if it is being towed for a short distance. The longer the distance the great the likelihood this will occur.

These days most tow companies tow vehicles with a flatbed truck. Doing this almost eliminates all possibilities of any damage happening to your vehicle. But in case that is not an option or your car is being towed by another car, keep these things in mind.